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Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth

Infused with the feel of the Wild West in the eighteen hundreds, Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth is a single line slots game that brings players back to the days when everyone was out on their own seeking their fortune across the land. As a single payline slots game itís easy to see why Free Spirit Wheel of Fortune is enjoyed by so many people. To be free of all the stress associated with multi paylines makes a single line game similar to riding your horse out to your own gold dig. Itís just this sense of fortune hunting that people love when they play this well designed slots game.

Authored by the long standing and proven slots game developer, Microgaming, Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth has been built on the companyís tried and tested slots gaming platform. As a one reel slots game, this is a single payline game, but it is equipped with solid wild and bonus features that make Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth a wholly exciting slots game to play.

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Players at Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth will be impressed by the frequency by which the wheel of wealth wild symbol appears in their spins. Our slots reviewers played for an hour and found that the wild symbol appeared in 1 out of three spins. This high frequency of a wild symbol makes Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth more profitable than the average single line slots game. Players that get a single wild symbol will have their winnings doubled for that spin, while players who get two wild wheels of wealth symbols will have their winnings tripled.

The other feature of Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth that makes it such a rewarding game both financially and in terms of entertainment value is the Bonus round. Our reviewers found that the best way to play Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth is to bet with maximum coins every spin. This is the only way to access the chance of getting into the Wheel of Fortune bonus round, and because of this itís also the best way to maximize your winnings potential.

When you enter The Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth bonus round youíll have the opportunity to drastically increase your total winnings. This feature alone is a tremendous boost to the profitability of this single reel casino, and together with the use of wild symbols, Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth works out to be one of the most profitable and most fun to play single payline slots games available.

The other nice thing about Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth is that itís available at a great many online casinos. Microgaming is one of the most popular suits of slots games software available to online casino providers, and Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth is typically one of the games that they love to show off. If you want to play Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth you should check to see if the casino you want to play at is using Microgaming software, if they are there is good chance that they offer Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth. If they do, donít hesitate to play. We didnít, and it paid off big time!

There is another version of the Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth slots game called Spectacular Wheel of Wealth. This game is in the same category of slots games as its older brother, the regular Wheel of Wealth. Spectacular Wheel of Wealth offers 2 Multiplier symbols making it possible to quadruple your winnings, and the jackpot hits 5,000 coins. By betting Maximum coins you may hit the bonus round, which is a special bonus wheel. Spin the Wheel of Wealth and where the wheel lands, will determine how much you win, up to a potential $1,000.

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