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Playtech is an online casino software developer that has been designing successful slots games for years now. Online casinos old and new alike go to Playtech as a software provider that will deliver them slots games that they know their players will flock two from all over the internet. One such game that does just that is the ever popular Lotto Madness with a great Wheel of Fortune feature.

Lotto Madness is an online slots game that combines the good times and thrills of lotto games with the excitement and pacing of an online slots game. It might seem like a strange combination, but lotto type casino games and slots games are actually quite similar. Both slots games and lotto games are games of chance that rely on the playerís frequency of plays to determine how much the player will win over the course of their play. In other words in both lotto games and slots games the more often and the more times you bet over a given period will increase your chances of winning.

So itís easy to see how the style and form of lotto games easily lends itself to the substance and play structure of a slots game. In Lotto Madness the visual design of the casino exterior and of the symbols are intended to remind you of a lotto styled game, and whatís more the actual pay structure of Lotto Madness is such that it pays out often, which is another feature that a lot of people associate with lotto style casino games.

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When you first enter Lotto Madness youíll see something youíre all familiar with; a 20 line video slot interface. Because 20 paylines allow you to rapidly bet a lot on every spin this aspect of Lotto Madness is another feature that lends itself to the quick nature of lotto casino games. But Lotto Madness has a feature that many such casinos donít offer which is the side jackpot.

Player can decide to make a side jackpot bet every time they spin. Itís easy to do, all player have to do is click the Dollar Ball on the side and select which numbers you think might come up on your spin. You can select five numbers between one and forty nine. Once you choose your numbers and you hit the spin button, balls are taken which determine the numbers that will be applied to your guesses. The more numbers you match the more money you will win, and if you get all five numbers to match you will win the jackpot. Lotto Madness also has a Wheel of Fortune style bonus round that you can enter by getting scatter symbols on the reels.

As the popularity of Lotto Madness suggests, itís a very fun game and the lotto styled features of the game make this a slots experience that will pay off in the long term the same way players of lotto games expect to get paid off over the run of their play time.

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