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Millionaire's Club Slot

There are quite a few progressive online slots games out there but few of them are able to combine the features that truly make a progressive slots game not only entertaining but also winnable! However, one slots game that does this very thing, and does it very well is the Millionaires Club progressive slots game, developed by Cryptologic gaming software studios.

Cryptologic is a top shelf designer of games of chance and itís understandable that when they first introduced the Millionaires Club slots game every slots player was expecting a lot. Well the game didnít disappoint. Millionaires club slots turned out to be one of the best slots games Cryptologic was ever to keep in its suite of games and it has become one of the progressive slots games that progressive slots players routinely go to when they want a fun and reliably winnable slots experience.

Millionaire's Club => Play at InterTops Casino

Millionaires Clubs slots is a progressive slots game using three reels and a single pay line. It has been a growing trend in online slots games to make progressive slots games single payline three reel, and Millionaires club follows in this pattern. The idea behind it is that progressive slots players are after the progressive jackpot, after all thatís why they play progressive slots, so instead of wasting a lot of time and energy on all those other paylines, single payline progressive slots allow players to concentrate on fine tuning their betting so they get a chance at the progressive jackpot.

In Millionaires Club a big feature of the slots game is the bonus round called Wheel of Fortune. Unlike other progressive games where you get the progressive jackpot by getting a certain very rare symbol combination, with Millionaires Club slots you get the progressive jackpot by first winning a bonus round and a spin of the wheel of fortune, then you have to try to get the wheel of fortune to land on the progressive jackpot. This way of dishing out the progressive jackpots has become more and more popular for single payline progressive slots because it adds a whole new level of excitement to the game while not adding to the complexity of the play.

Another nice feature of Millionaires Club slots is that the progressive jackpot starts out at 175,000. Having the progressive jackpot start off on this high amount ensures that no matter when players join Millionaires Club slots and start playing they will have a shot and winning a decent sized jackpot. A lot of players will alter their playing strategy if they start playing at a slots game that has just paid out their progressive jackpot because the amount they may win will be so very low. But because Millionaires Club always starts off at 175,000 players donít have to worry about this.

The reviewers here canít say enough good things about Millionaires Club progressive slots game. We are all fans of the Cryptologic software development company and it only takes a person one spin at Millionaires Club slots to understand why. No matter what your skill level or how much money you can afford to spend, Millionaires Club makes winning a progressive jackpot something that everyone has a chance at doing.

Take the chance to become a Millionaire by playing Millionaires Club Slots at InterTops Casino.