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The Queen of Pyramids

Once again casino software provider Playtech has come along with a feature rich thrill based slots game that gives players the perfect combination of entertainment value and earnings value. The Queen of Pyramids combines the mystery and splendour of ancient Egypt with the modern technology and on the spot fun that followers of Playtech slots games have come to expect and adore. Enjoy your favorite Wheel of Fortune feature at this slots game.

The Queen of Pyramids => Play at Golden Palace Casino (non-US)

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The Queen of Pyramids is a progressive 5 Reel and 9 payline slot game that feature winnings boosting fee spin symbols. As a progressive slot game, The Queen of Pyramids really gives players a good chance at winning a tremendous amount of money by adding money to the progressive jackpot on a steady basis using high amounts. Even after a player wins the progressive jackpot at The Queen of Pyramids, within a few hours the jackpot is back up into the thousands and ready to pay out to players that devote a reasonable amount of time and energy to the slot game, which is the only way a player is going to win the progressive jackpot. Of course with all jackpots The Queen of Pyramids requires you to bet maximum coins, in order to have a shot at the progressive jackpot, but more to the point, if players really want to hit the progressive jackpot and are using proper progressive jackpot strategy they will have to make sure that they alternate their betting patters to correspond to the way the game is paying out. If the game is paying out a small payout every couple spins then itís important to bet low for four or five spins then boost up your bet to the maximum on the sixth and sevenths bets so that you are spending as little as possible while increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.

The Queen of Pyramids is a little different than many online slots games in the fact that it only gives players two coin values, $0.15 or $0.25. This makes for extremely easy progressive betting strategy because all you need to do is alternate between the 15 cent when the chances of hitting the progressive jackpot re low and the 25 cent coin when the progressive jackpot is high. On top of the easy two-coin betting system used at The Queen of Pyramids, the game also has a great wild symbol, The Egyptian Guards Head. If you get this symbol it will take the place of whatever symbol you need in order to make a winning combination. The Egyptian Guards Head symbol is also the progressive jackpot symbol, and if you get all 5 The Egyptian Guards Heads you will win the progressive jackpot.

A big part of The Queen of Pyramids is the free spins. The scorpion symbols play the role of the free spin symbols and depending on the number of scorpions are in the symbol that you get, your number of free spins will be determined. But the amazing thing about The Queen of Pyramids is that you can get free spins on top of free spins, in other words you can get free spins when spinning a free spin, and you can get up to a maximum of one hundred free spins, making for an incredible chance to win a lot of money. The second bonus game is a fun Spin the Wheel feature.

The Queen of Pyramids is definitely a game worth playing; aside from the appealing Egyptian styling, the massive number of free spins available, the Wheel of Fortune bonus game and the progressive jackpot make the game a slots playerís dream. Today can be your lucky day!

Find the Queen of Pyramids at Golden Palace Casino and today you can be one of their lucky winners.