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Among the numerous online slots games that are ready and available to slots players all over the world there are a few that rise to the top of the barrel as some of the best examples of online slots entertainment the industry has to offer. One such example of this explicit showcase of quality is the popular Treasure Twirl slots style casino game.

Under all its fancy clothing and design, Treasure Twirl is a classic Vegas themed 3 reel slots game. Offering slightly more straightforward play than its 5 reel or seven reel cousins, Treasure Twirlís 3 reel gaming design allows players to bet up to 3 coins each spin and up to a maximum value each spin of $3.00. However, when we say that Treasure Twirl is more straight forward than many other online slots games, we mean it. Because this particular three wheel game only has a single payline.

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Single paylines are a controversial point when it comes to slots games, whether itís online of off line in a land based casino. The thing is that many players who have been playing slots for a long time started out on single line slot machines and so single line slots are the game that they always play, after all thatís what they are used to. However over the last few yearsí competition in both the land based and online gaming market has forced slots game producers to make games that have more features and more paylines. As a result of the massive influx of slots games with multiple paylines over the last few years many slots players entering the slots entertainment world just recently much prefer the multiple payline slots games. What it comes down to it, itís really a matter of taste. A single payline game like Treasure Twirl can be just as entertaining and just as much fun as a twenty payline slot game. Actually those of us who do reviews actually find that itís always a good idea, no matter what kind of slots you are used to playing, to switch up your preferred slots type just to keep things entertaining. And because we normally play multi payline slots it was a real treat to play this single line slot game.

Treasure Twirl is an elegantly conceived slots game and it feels that way as soon as you hit spin for the first time. The natural simplicity of this single payline slots game comes through immediately, and itís hard not to enjoy yourself as you soak up not having to worry about what all the other paylines are doing. When it comes down to it Treasure Twirl is a cream of the crop choice for single payline aficionados and a great choice for players looking for a break from the multi-paylines.

The wild symbol at Treasure Twirl is a multi-colored prize wheel. All of us here that do reviews found that the wild prize wheel was one of the most common symbols to show up on spins despite the fact that itís a wild symbol! Of course that translated into increased winnings, and it made for very exciting play for such a little single line slots game. Just focus on the multi-colored prize wheel and those frequent wild combinations.

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