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Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy

Thereís a reason why Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular game shows on TV, and thatís because itís a load of entertainment to play and to watch. Thanks to the popularity of this amazing game show, which has actually become an American institution, Software Designers have designed a slots game based the popular TV game show.

Now fans of both online gaming and the TV show can enjoy an online version of Wheel of Fortune that combines the style and action of the game show with the money winning potential of a slots game.

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Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy is a five reel, 15 line slots game that takes slots gaming to a whole new level of entertainment. The reason why the game is called Triple Action is because there are three extra ways to increase your winnings. The first is by getting the wild symbol. When the wild symbol appears you will have your winnings for the spin multiplied by up to five times. The second way that Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy gives you to win is through the gamble option which gives players the chance to increase their bet with a double or nothing. This is done by simply choosing colours and seeing what colours turn up on a spin of the wheel. And finally the third way players at Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy have to win is by accessing the incredibly exciting bonus round where players actually get to solve puzzles, and get a chance at really sending their winnings skyrocketing.

The wild symbol at Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy is the Super Wild Symbol. When this symbol appears, expect your winnings to be multiplied up to five times. When you get a wild symbol youíll have your pick of five different prize envelopes. Depending on which one you pick you will determine the amount by which your winnings on that spin will be multiplied. This is a great way for players to increase their winnings on regular bases because the wild symbols turn up on a much more regular basis than the other bonus aspects of the game.

As for the Triple action bonus, itís a kind of combination of the word puzzles taken from the game show and a slots style version of spinning the wheel of fortune wheel. Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy uses colour coded puzzles. The object is to try to pick from tiles each of which either contain either a letter or a wheel icon. Hopefully, if you get a letter, it will be in one or possibly all of the word puzzles, for which each is worth 1X the value of your winnings, and every extra letter increases the amount by 1X.

If you choose a wheel pointer icon you will unlock the Wheel Round. At this point the pointer turns different colors and you will get bonuses for every pointer that matches the colors on your icon. The great thing about Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy is that with so many bonus elements your chances at big winnings are way above your typical online game of chance. We definitely recommend playing this highly novel and extremely exciting online game of chance.

There is another version of Wheel of fortune called Wheel of Fortune Hollywood 5-Reel Online Slots Game, which only has 5 pay lines. The difference with this version off the game is that itís slightly slower paced, and some players prefer that. The other difference is that the three different bonus rounds in Triple Action is replaced with two bonus wheels in 5reel Wheel of Fortune, a double or nothing wheel and a jackpot wheel, that is similar to the bonus wheel used in Triple Action. Despite the big differences in the bonuses both versions of the game are as equally enjoyable with only a slight difference in pacing between the two.

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