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Wheel of Chance

Wheel of chance is a 5 reel (3 reel is also available) 20 payline online slot game with a Wheel of Fortune bonus feature. Overall Wheel of Chance is quite similar to many of the other 5 reel slots available online today but wheel of chance sports a fundamental software design that makes it a cut above many of the other 5 reel slot games you might stumble across before this one.

Wheel of Chance => Play at Bovada Casino

When playing any slots game for the first time itís important to pick up on what the value of the jackpot is of the game you are playing. And at Wheel of Chance the jackpot, in other words the highest amount you can win, is eight thousand times your bet. For example if you bet 25 cents you will win $2000. As jackpots go this is a good one. Itís not too high and itís not too low. This middle of the road jackpot is good on a number of levels; first, a lot of slots games with higher jackpots will have lower payout ratios. This means that there are actually fewer winning combinations in the slots machine. A slot game with a smaller maximum win means, however, that even though there might be more winning combinations and more chances to win, the overall amount you can win, especially for players that use jackpot strategy, will be far less. So in the long a run a slots game that has a medium sized jackpot value pays off by being between the two payout extremes.

At Wheel of Chance players are able to play with the full range of coin values common to many slots games of comparable design. 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, Ä$£1.00, Ä$£5.00, Ä$£10.00. And of course as Wheel of Chance is a 5 reel slots game, you can place bets on a maximum of 20 lines.

5 reel games really lend themselves to maximum line betting strategy, and after playing Wheel of Chance for a few minutes it was clear that this is one of the best 5 reel online slots games to give full payline strategy a shot at. The payout ratios seem to be high enough that your winnings will be considerably higher over the long run. We didnít see this same trend when betting anything lower than full payline but that doesnít mean that wheel of chance doesnít also give good payouts on fewer lines for players that have the right strategy.

Overall Wheel of Chance is in fact one of the more reliable and trusted slots games available today. The high quality software design coupled with the decent jackpot makes the game a great choice for players looking for an enjoyable slots playing session but without the intense excitement of a 5 reel slot game with higher payouts. All of us here at the review team can definitely recommend Wheel of Chance as a fun and reliably entertaining piece of online casino Wheel of Fortune styled software.

Play Wheel of Chance today at Bovada Casino.