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There are only a few top online slots game software designers in the world and one of them is a company called Microgaming. Microgaming has firmly established itself as one of the best online slots designers and it is celebrated by online casino venues the world over. One of Microgamingís more popular games that every online casino canít wait to get online for their players is the easy to play and also easy to win at is Wheel of Wealth with the popular feature the Wheel of Fortune.

Itís easy to see that Wheel of wealth is one of the gold standards of online slots gaming. If youíve already been playing online slots youíve probably already come across this great game, but just in case you havenít, here is a quick review of the game and what it has to offer.

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Wheel of wealth is designed in the vein of the classic styled casinos that made the first land based casinos as popular as they are now. What makes Wheel of Wealth a classically styled slots game is that it is a single payline slots game. In todayís world most online slots games have gone to multi-paylines in an effort to attract more customers. These days the vast majority of online slots games usually have multiple reels and up to 20 paylines. But there is something to be said for a slots game that reminds players of the value of the traditional slots games of the past.

A lot of slots players get all caught up in having to bet multiple coins across all the paylines of a slot machine just to feel as if they are maximizing their winning potential. This creates a problem when players start to run out of money because, if youíre a responsible player, youíll start to roll back your bets a bit and that means betting on fewer lines which leads to the feeling that youíre not satisfied with what youíre able to bet. But there is none of that with Wheel of wealth. As a single line game its pure gaming fun that lets you focus on one line and what you want to bet the next spin of that one line. Its how slots players were first introduced to slots and itís a good way to play slots even today.

But Wheel of wealth has an important feature that sets it apart from many of the run of the mill single line slots games youíll find out there; and thatís the games Wild Symbol. The actual Wheel of Wealth wild symbol is impossible to overlook and is a very common symbol no matter how long you play or how rapidly you spin the reels. If you hit the Wheel of Wealth symbol it will multiply your winnings by either one or two, depending on whether you either get a single wheel of wealth symbol or two symbols respectively.

The wild symbol is not the only thing that sets Wheel of Wealth apart from many of the others, thereís also the special wheel of wealth bonus round. In order to get to the wheel of wealth bonus round you need to bet maximum coins. The bonus round in Wheel of wealth is in fact where the game getís its name, and when you manage to get to this Wheel of Wealth bonus round you have a chance at sending your winnings through the roof. The moment you land in the Wheel of Fortune bonus round youíll quickly realize, like we did, that this single payline game has the ability to push your winnings into the multiple thousands. Itís a must play for old and new gamers alike.

There is a modified version of Wheel of Wealth slots available to players called Wheel of Wealth Special Edition. In this tweaked version of the game with two important differences. Players should know what the differences are so they can choose between these sister slots games. Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is a 5 reel 25 line slots game. And the top multiplying prize is 10,000. Both of these changes can make a big difference in the style of your play but donít change the excitement level that both these games provide.

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